Your Process. Controlled.

The Solution

RoseNimbus collects critical process information in real time and performs detailed analysis to optimise performance and efficiencies of your processes. Measurement data is collected continuously via the device which is then transmitted securely to our cloud monitoring platform. Utilising machine learning technology, the platform gives you clear insights into your processes, which before were impossible to see. Built to fulfil key client requirements including multitenancy, redundancy and horizontal scalability, RoseNimbus empowers robust process control which historically was only available with a complete process overhaul and hefty investment.

  • Remote updates to improve functionality and/or add new features.
  • Live support and diagnostics.
  • Shorter installation window.

  • Early detection of project issues.
  • Visibility and accountability.
  • Minimises unplanned downtime.

Hello, I'm Rose.

The Nimbus